2003-2007 Strategic Plan

Planning, Purpose, Progress

The Strategic Planning Process allows the campus community the opportunity to imagine new futures while ensuring our continued commitment to Columbia-Greene Community College’s unique institutional values and culture. This plan contains descriptions of areas collectively identified as critical to successful fulfillment of our mission within a rapidly changing external environment. As futures reveal themselves the College will remain flexible to meet new student and workplace demands. The work that we have defined as the core of the College’s responsibility is guided by the Visions articulated herein. It is important work that will have a lasting impact on our community.


Columbia-Greene Community College welcomes a geographically and culturally diverse student population and recognizes its responsibilities for providing transfer, vocational, technical, remedial, and lifelong learning for all. The College is dedicated to developing and administering high quality, post-secondary educational programs that are accessible to the residents of the service area. The College is responsive to the changing needs of the community and maintains a caring environment that is dedicated to personal attention.

Strategic Visions


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