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Apply Now for Fall 2022

Come to Columbia-Greene This Fall! It’s Not Too Late To Apply

We’re accepting applications through September 9th for our Fall 2022 semester. 

Want to take a look at our Fall 2022 classes?  

To find our list of classes, tap or click here, and select the Fall 2022 term from the drop down options. Next, in the “Credit or Non-Credit” field, type “credit” or “non-credit”, depending on the type of class you’re looking for.

Want to apply for Fall 2022 semester?

If you’re planning on taking 3 or more classes, call our Admissions office at 518-697-6500. They’ll be happy to get you started! Our Admissions experts can help answer your questions about tuition, financial aid, registration and much more. Want to apply online? You can do that here.

Just want to take a class or two? No problem! Here’s our registration form for visiting students.

Are you a continuing student at Columbia-Greene, but aren’t sure what class you want to take? Let’s get you to the Advising office at 518-697-6395. They’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

Have a question about a non-credit class? Call the Continuing Education Office at 518-697-6370, where they can help you with information and registration.

Want to learn more about enrolling at Columbia-Greene? Our Admissions team is standing by! Call 518-697-6500, or email the Admissions office at

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