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Middle States Self-Study (2023)

Middle States Self-Study (2023)

Columbia-Greene Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and, as an accredited institution, is required to complete a comprehensive self-study every eight years. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education requires the College to “demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards, conduct activities in a manner consistent with the standards, and engage in an ongoing process of self-review and improvement.” A Steering Committee was formed to lead the College’s efforts to prepare for the next evaluation visit in Spring 2023.

Questions or comments related to C-GCC’s Self Study process may be sent via our contact form.

Steering  Committee Membership

President Carlee Drummer announced appointments to the Middle States Steering Committee on September 10, 2020. The Steering Committee membership comprises representatives from faculty, staff, and administrators based on their expertise, experience, and capability to commit to the multi-year self-study process. One faculty member and one full-time administrator serve as Co-chairs of the Steering Committee. Members of the Steering Committee also serve as Co-chairs for each of the seven Working Groups based on the Standards for Accreditation. An Evidence Manager, Communications Manager, and Secretary also have been assigned as standing members of the Steering Committee.

  • Steven Gavlik, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Science, Co-Chair
  • Casey O’Brien, Ed.D., Dean of Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
  • Ann Bruno, Registrar
  • Catherine Carlson, Director of Accessibility Services
  • Nicole Childrose, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
  • Anna Cortese, Professor of Nursing
  • Geralynn Demarest, Professor and Chairperson for Library and Media Services
  • William J. DeLuca, Jr., Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Maya Greene, Associate Professor of Communications
  • Joan Koweek, Executive Director of the C-GCC Foundation
  • Andrew Ledoux, Dean of Student Development
  • Christine Perry, Secretary, Director of Development
  • Barbara Shaffer, Associate Professor of Psychology/Sociology
  • George Timmons, Ph.D., Provost/Senior V.P. for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Dianne Topple, Vice President for Administration, C.F.O.
  • Frances Winig, Evidence Manager, Associate for Records and Registration
  • Maureen Sager, Communications Manager, Director of Marketing and Communications

Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study

The completion of the self-study will allow the College to meet the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate how the institution currently meets the Commission’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation;
  • Focus on continuous improvement in attaining the institution’s mission and its institutional priorities;
  • Engage the community in an inclusive and transparent self-appraisal process that actively and deliberately seeks to involve key stakeholders from diverse constituencies;
  • Leverage the collaborative nature of the self-study process to establish a series of recommendations that will inform campus-wide resource allocation decisions; and
  • Examine and identify the impacts of additional delivery options for courses, academic programs, and student support services on overall institutional effectiveness.