Consumer Information and Student Right to Know

In compliance with Title IV and other Federal and State disclosure laws, the following is a list of consumer information. Last updated: September 2020.

PDF publications below are available for download and/or printing with the latest version of Adobe Reader. Those without Adobe Reader can request mailed copies of these documents or copies can be picked up at the College. Download and install the latest Adobe Reader from Adobe’s website for free here.

For assistance, contact Beverly Burka, 518.697.6320

Information Where to Find It
Academic Programs, Facilities and Faculty Current C-GCC Catalog
Current C-GCC Student Handbook (Nursing Program)
Accreditation Current C-GCC Catalog
Campus Emergency Response Current Student Handbook
Campus Security and Safety Reports Current Student Handbook
Campus Crime Statistics – Current Student Handbook
College Navigator (Institutional Data and Statistics) College Navigator Website
Disability Services Current Student Handbook
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information Current Student Handbook
Equal Opportunity Statement Current C-GCC Catalog
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) OPE Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool Website
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Current C-GCC Catalog
Federal and State Financial Aid Programs Current C-GCC Catalog
C-GCC Financial Aid Web page
Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Current Student Handbook
Job Placement C-GCC Admissions Web page
Nursing Student Outcomes Nursing Student Outcomes
Penalties for Drug Law Violations Current Student Handbook
Policies Concerning Copyright Infringement and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing College Website
Current Student Handbook
Refund Policy Current C-GCC Catalog
Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards Current C-GCC Catalog
Student Loan Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Administrators C-GCC Financial Aid Web page
Student Loan Information Current C-GCC Catalog
C-GCC Financial Aid Web page
Student Outcomes Student Outcomes
Textbooks College Bookstore
Title IV Refund Policy Current C-GCC Catalog
Transfer Credit and Articulation Agreements Transfer Credit in the Current C-GCC Catalog
Transfer and Articulation Agreements in the Current C-GCC Catalog
Tuition, Fees and Other Costs of Attendance Current C-GCC Catalog
C-GCC Financial Aid Web page
College Navigator Website
Vaccinations Current Student Handbook
Veterans’ Readmission Policy C-GCC Admissions Web page
Voter Registration Current C-GCC Catalog
Current Student Handbook
Withdrawing From Classes Current C-GCC Catalog
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