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Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals


Columbia-Greene Community College seeks to inspire our community and create lifelong learners.


C-GCC models the following values:

  • Service based on a foundation of empathy, caring, and compassion;
  • Knowledge that includes critical judgement;
  • Transformation to promote personal growth;
  • Commitment to the communities served;
  • Purpose and passion as principles for decisions and actions; and
  • Respect, integrity, and inclusiveness as attributes of morality and justice.


Columbia-Greene Community College offers individualized guidance in a respectful learning environment, inspiring students to reach their academic goals and become engaged citizens.


In meeting the responsibilities of a comprehensive community college, Columbia-Greene has developed the following institutional goals:

  1. Quality Education: The college will provide a quality education through an array of academic programs and instructional support services that reflect its commitment to excellence.
  2. Accessibility: The college is committed to expanding educational opportunities.
  3. Excellent Facilities: The college will provide a physical infrastructure — facilities and equipment — that supports its commitment to educational excellence.
  4. Student-Centered: The college will foster an atmosphere where students feel connected to the college in a personal way.
  5. Service to the Community: The college will effectively serve the needs of its local community by offering a variety of programs and services responsive to those needs.
  6. Sound Management: The college will maintain its public trust and meet its mission efficiently and effectively.

Academic Philosophy

The College’s academic philosophy is an extension of its mission and goals. C-GCC provides students with knowledge and skills that will serve as the basis for a productive and insightful life. As a democratizing force, the College empowers its students to become engaged citizens and lifelong learners, able to demonstrate the following institutional learning outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and creative expression;
  • Employ scientific and quantitative reasoning to engage in critical analysis and make evidence-based decisions;
  • Use established and emerging technologies to identify and apply information;
  • Recognize and consider a diversity of values and ethical beliefs; and
  • Learn how to become actively engaged citizens in the communities they serve.

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