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Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals


Columbia-Greene Community College seeks to inspire our community and create lifelong learners.


Columbia-Greene Community College welcomes a geographically and culturally diverse student population and recognizes its responsibilities for providing transfer, vocational, technical, remedial, and lifelong learning for all. The college is dedicated to developing and administering high quality, post-secondary educational programs that are accessible to the residents of the service area. C-GCC is responsive to the changing needs of the community and maintains a caring environment that is dedicated to personal attention.


In meeting the responsibilities of a comprehensive community college, Columbia-Greene has developed the following institutional goals:

  1. Quality Education: The college will provide a quality education through an array of academic programs and instructional support services that reflect its commitment to excellence.
  2. Accessibility: The college is committed to expanding educational opportunities.
  3. Excellent Facilities: The college will provide a physical infrastructure — facilities and equipment — that supports its commitment to educational excellence.
  4. Student-Centered: The college will foster an atmosphere where students feel connected to the college in a personal way.
  5. Service to the Community: The college will effectively serve the needs of its local community by offering a variety of programs and services responsive to those needs.
  6. Sound Management: The college will maintain its public trust and meet its mission efficiently and effectively.

Academic Philosophy

Columbia-Greene Community College’s academic philosophy is an extension of our mission and goals. We are dedicated to providing students with knowledge and skills that will serve as the basis for a productive and insightful life. As a democratizing force, Columbia-Greene Community College is committed to empowering its students to become engaged citizens and lifelong learners.

This is accomplished by students being able to meet the following Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

  • Communicate through writing and speaking clearly and effectively.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the arts and humanities enrich the human experience.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify relevant information and make decisions based on evidence.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use established and emerging technology to identify and apply information.
  • Recognize and respect individual and group diversity and alternate points of view.

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