Strategic Plan 2016-2021 – CGCC

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Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Goal 1: Quality Education

  • Objective 1: Students will attain core academic proficiencies as defined in
    our Academic Philosophy
  • Objective 2: Academic Support services will reflect the College’s
    commitment to excellence
  • Objective 3: The teaching and learning environment will meet or exceed
    student expectations
  • Objective 4: The College will provide academic programming that is
    responsive to the needs of its service area

Goal 2: Accessibility

  • Objective 1: Affordability
  • Objective 2: Prepare academically challenged students for College success
  • Objective 3: Maintain a diverse student population

Goal 3: Excellent Facilities

  • Objective 1: Provide a physical infrastructure that supports the College’s commitment to educational excellence
  • Objective 2: Provide effective technology that supports teaching, learning, administrative operations, and student success
  • Objective 3: Maintain a Safe and Secure Campus

Goal 4: Student Centered

  • Objective 1: The College will foster an atmosphere where students are supported in the learning environment
  • Objective 2: The College will provide students with opportunities for personal growth and enrichment

Goal 5: Service to the Community

  • Objective 1: The College will effectively serve the social, cultural needs of its local community in a way that reflects the mission of the College.
  • Objective 2: The College will provide career and workforce development programming to meet the needs of the local community

Goal 6: Sound Management

  • Objective 1: Enhance institutional effectiveness through leadership, planning and accountability to ensure public trust
  • Objective 2: The Columbia-Greene Community Foundation will contribute to the financial well-being of the college and will be a formidable force in advancing academic programs and college facilities
  • Objective 3: The college will promote its mission through consistent, effective messaging and branding aimed at prospective students, the community at-large, stakeholders, and current students

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