SUNY General Education Requirements – CGCC

SUNY General Education Requirements

SUNY General Education Requirements

Students planning to transfer to a SUNY college or university should complete a minimum of one course in seven of the ten Knowledge and Skill areas from the following C-GCC courses:

American History

HI 103 U.S. History 1492- 1865
HI 104 U.S. History 1865-Present
HI 108 History of the Hudson Valley*
HI 125 U.S. Environmental History*
HI 219 Women in U.S. History*
HI 221 American Civil War

Basic Communications

EN 101 Composition

Foreign Language

FR 101 French I
FR 102 French II
IT 101 Italian I
IT 102 Italian II
SA 101 Spanish I
SA 102 Spanish II
SN 101 Sign Language I
SN 102 Sign Language II


CO 120 Foundations of Contemporary Communication
EN 102 Composition & Literature
EN 216 Women in Literature
MA 102 Statistics
MA 103 Business Mathematics
MA 104 Finite Mathematics
MA 110 College Algebra
MA 111 Precalculus
MA 113 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
MA 117 Algebra & Trigonometry

Natural Sciences

BI 101 General Biology
BI 103 General Ecology
BI 112 Human Biology
BI 113 Environmental Studies
BI 119 River Ecology
BI 125 Plant Identification
BI 130 Anatomy & Physiology
BI 140 Biodiversity
BI 214 Advanced Microbiological Laboratory Techniques
BI 218 Conservation Limnology
CH 101 General Chemistry I
CH 105 Intro Chemistry
GE 101 Physical Geology
PX 101 College Physics I
PX 103 University Physics I
PX 110 Technical Physics
SC 141 Forensic Science
SC 142 Forensic Anthropology
SC 143 Astronomy & Culture
SC 150 Fundamentals of Agribusiness

Other World Civilizations

CO 205 Intercultural Communications
EN 235 Latin American Literature
HI 120 History of Modern Middle East
HI 127 History of Latin America
HI 217 History of South Africa
HI 220 History of Arab/Israeli Conflict
HI 265 History of Modern China
HI 266 History of Japan
PL 103 Philosophy of Eastern Religion
PS 104 Contemporary Global Issues

Social Sciences

EC 101 Macroeconomics
EC 102 Microeconomics
MA 113 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PY 101 General Psychology
SL 113 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology

The Arts

AR 107 Visual Arts 2-D
AR 108 Visual Arts 3-D
AR 116 Art History: Pre-history to 14C
AR 117 Art History: 14C to Present
AR 118 Figure Drawing
AR 119 Basic Drawing
AR 140 Computer Graphics
AR 145 Motion Graphics
AR 205 3-D Graphics and Animation
DA 101 Dance I
MU 101 Intro to Music
MU 103 History of Jazz
MU 104 History of Rock Music
TH 102 Acting I
TH 110 Intro to Theater

Western Civilization

HI 101 Western Civilization 13,000 BCE to 1517 CE
HI 102 Western Civilization 1517 to Present

* For students scoring 85 or above on the NYS Regents Exam in American History
Revised 5/11/18

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