SPARK Learning Program

SPARK Learning Program

Students with Peers Actively Reinforcing Knowledge

What is SPARK and How Does it Work?

The Academic Support Center’s SPARK Learning Program, previously known as the Peer Tutoring Program, offers students the opportunity to work with peers to reinforce their knowledge and to improve their skills. The goal of the SPARK Learning Program is to encourage students to become independent and confident learners.

The SPARK Learning Program Coordinator recruits students who have successfully completed coursework and are eager to help fellow students. They become our tutors. We believe that peer tutors (due to their shared experience in the classroom, age similarity, greater accessibility, demonstrated knowledge of learning strategies, and their peer tutor training) are a powerful source of academic support for other students. SPARK is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) which means that our goal is to have all peer tutors trained for at least 10 hours according to professional guidelines before he or she is eligible to tutor. Some tutors go on to receive advanced level certification, CRLA Level 2. All peer tutors are supervised by the Tutor Coordinator or designee in her absence.

The SPARK Learning Program offers the following FREE services to support student learning:

  • SPARK Learning Groups
  • SPARK Drop-In Center (for math, basic computer skills, and study skills)
  • SPARK Test Review Sessions
  • SPARK In-Class Learning Guides
  • ESL – Tutoring

All SPARK Learning program services employ a NO HOMEWORK POLICY. Getting help on graded work is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.

Looking for tutoring schedules?

If you are unable to come to SPARK in the Academic Support Center, or we do not have a tutor during your available hours, you might be interested in STAR-NY Online Tutoring.