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The C-GCC Learning Experience

Our Move to a New Digital Learning Environment

SUNY has chosen the D2L Brightspace platform as the new Digital Learning Environment (DLE) to Replace Blackboard for all SUNY campuses. This decision is the result of a multi-year, industry-wide search that will replace the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) that was used by many SUNY campuses.

Columbia-Greene Community College has been selected to join Cohort 1 for the migration to Brightspace, which has already begun and will continue through 2022. We will be operational beginning in the Fall 2022 semester.

Course Modality Options, Campus Support, and Personalized Learning Throughout Your Entire Academic Journey

Columbia-Greene Community College offers a flexible, personalized learning environment, with many options available for students who have busy lives.

Take a look at our Course Delivery Modalities:

  • In Person: All of the direct instruction occurs face-to-face.
  • Synchronous Remote: All of the direct instruction occurs in real time remotely via live webcast.
  • Asynchronous Online: All of the course content is delivered online. There is no face-to-face requirement, and the course does not meet at any specified days or times.
  • Hybrid: Course content is delivered primarily through face-to-face instruction, meets less often, but includes additional content and requirements asynchronously in the online space.
  • Hybrid Remote: Similar to Hybrid, but the course content is delivered in real time remotely via live webcast rather than face-to-face.
  • HyFlex: Offers the student flexibility to attend class either on campus, remotely via live webcast, or as an online learner who may access course materials and lectures asynchronously.
  • In Person with Remote Option: Similar to HyFlex, but without the fully online asynchronous option.

Accessing Brightspace

You must be enrolled in classes in order to have an active account in Brightspace.

To log in to Brightspace:
  • Navigate to (alternatively, you can click the Brightspace Login button on the MyCGCC page)
  • If you have never previously logged in to Brightspace on your current device, the above link will take you to the SUNY Secure Sign On page. Select Columbia-Greene from the drop down menu, then toggle the “Remember Campus?” option so you do not get prompted for this again on the device you are using.
  • Click the Log In button
  • Enter your Columbia-Greene email address in Microsoft Sign In window* and click the Next button. At the next window, enter your password and click the Sign in button. If you like, you may answer yes to the next prompt, “Stay signed in?”
  • If you have just signed up for classes, you may receive the following message when you attempt to log in:
    “There was a problem processing your authentication.
    Your username/password was invalid or your particular user does not exist on our system.
    If you have any questions please see your system administrator.”
    If you receive the above message, please wait a few hours and try again.
    If you continue to receive the above message after 1 business day, please contact the registration office or call 518.697.6420

*If you are currently logged in to your C-GCC account to use any of our other single sign on services (Office 365, Banner, etc.) you will not see this window, and will instead be taken directly to Brightspace. Likewise, if you have previously opted to stay signed in, and you have also toggled the “Remember Campus?” option during a previous session, should take you directly to your Brightspace home page. 

Assistance and Technical Support

Brightspace support is provided to students and faculty by the SUNY Online Helpdesk (, or call 1-844-673-6786. The hours of operation for the SUNY Online Helpdesk are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Additional Resources:
Brightspace Essentials for Students
Brightspace Essentials for Faculty

Important information


When will students have access to courses in D2L Brightspace?

Student access to Ready, Set, Go…Online (your passport experience) will begin on August 25, 2022. We encourage all students to access the tools, resources, and support provided in Ready, Set, Go…Online as they begin their learning journey.

Any questions about Ready, Set, Go…Online should be directed to:

Preview Week begins one week before the start of Fall classes on August 30th, where elements of courses will be available to overview so you can get a sense of what to expect and plan accordingly.

Fall courses go fully live on our start date, September 6, 2022.

When will access to Blackboard go away?

Blackboard will be permanently disabled on 8/22/22. It is important to note that all materials have been appropriately archived for faculty to access throughout the conversion process.


Where should faculty, staff, administrators, and students look for all Communications?

Please check your CGCC email, the MYCGCC page, and general announcements posted on the Brightspace homepage.

Student Engagement:

What third party tools will be available in or along with Brightspace?

SUNY is reviewing all campuses tools and needs and will be implementing a standardized set of tools that align with SUNY policies that give campuses additional discounts by partnering together as a procurement cohort. More information is forthcoming.

At the present time we have integrated Zoom and Turnitin for Fall 2022.

Engagement Wherever, Whenever…

Brightspace Pulse LogoBrightspace Pulse is a mobile app that can help learners stay connected and on track with their courses in Brightspace Learning Environment. It provides one easy view of course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and announcement items.

The app can help learners make better decisions about how to handle the workload, when to submit assignments, and when to prepare for tests. Real-time alerts can let learners know when classes are canceled, rooms are moved, or new grades are available. The schedule view and weekly visualization enable learners to quickly immediately view what is due today, this week, and upcoming across all their courses.

Download Brightspace Pulse from the app store appropriate to your mobile device.

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