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Federal Attendance Requirements

Federal Attendance Requirements

Although Columbia-Greene Community College does not have an institutional attendance policy, students’ eligibility for Title IV financial aid is determined, in part, by their attendance in classes. The definition of attendance is described further in this memo.

Although faculty are no longer required to report daily attendance metrics for their students, the College is still required to report students who have never attended. Faculty usually receive requests for this information during the second week of classes.

The College will also collect students’ last date of attendance when final grades are due at the end of the term.

Per federal regulations, student attendance includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Physically attending an on-campus or synchronous remote class where there is an opportunity for direct interaction with the instructor;
  2. Submitting an academic assignment;
  3. Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction;
  4. Attending a group session that is assigned by the instructor;
  5. Participating in an online discussion about academic matters; or
  6. Initiating contact with the instructor to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course

For online sections, simply logging into the class in Blackboard without fulfilling any one of the above criteria does not meet the definition of attendance. It is understood that faculty may have their own attendance policies, as well; but, for reporting purposes, the above definition of attendance will apply.

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