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Register for Classes

Register for Classes

Stop by campus to register for classes, or call (518) 828-4181, ext. 5514!

The Office of Records and Registration provides services for current and former students. Our offices are located off of the student courtyard in the Main Building. Most services may be accessed by visiting either of our two windows.

Normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please note:

Responding to the Governor’s directive and SUNY guidance to mitigate the COVID-19 global outbreak, C-GCC employees are currently working remotely to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and the general public.  We encourage you to submit any questions you have via email for faster response.  Please send email to .   Thank you!


Ann Bruno, RegistrarAnn Bruno, Registrar

Carleen Moore, Technical Assistant for Records & Registration – Registration, drop, add, withdrawals, Enrollment verification, transcripts

Krista Nevil, Technical Assistant for Records & Registration – Registration, drop, add, withdrawals, Enrollment verification, transcripts

Frances Winig, Associate for Records & Registration – Certifying official for TAP, Veterans, and Graduates

The Office of Records and Registration can assist with inquiries related to the credit class schedule and the College Catalog (opens in a new window). The College Catalog is Columbia-Greene’s official documentation of all academic programs and individual course descriptions, the College’s Mission and its academic policies.

The Office of Records and Registration is also the focal point for:

    • Registering for classes – individuals may register for classes as non-matriculated (non-degree), or as matriculated if the student has applied to and been accepted at C-GCC. Non-matriculated students may register either in person at the Registration Office or by phone with VISA or MasterCard at (518) 828-4181 extension 5514. Matriculated students must register with an academic advisor. See the the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.
    • Dropping a class – a student may drop a class or classes, in which case this course will not appear on the student’s transcript. A student can drop classes until the end of the third week of classes (in a fifteen week semester).
    • Adding a class – a student may add a class or classes on a space available basis until the end of the first week of the semester (in a fifteen week semester).
    • Withdrawing from a class – a student may withdraw from a class or classes after the end of the drop period, in which case the course will appear on the transcript with a grade of “W”, until the end of the eleventh week of classes (in a fifteen week semester).
    • Obtaining grades – Current students may access their grades, schedules and unofficial transcripts online with CampusConnect® at C-GCC’s website. Follow the login instructions on the CampusConnect® page. Direct questions or problems to the Office of Records and Registration at 518-828-4181 extension 5514. If a student has outstanding financial obligations to the college, grades and/or transcripts will not be available.
    • Graduation – if a student believes that he/she is close to completing all program requirements, it is necessary to complete an Application for Graduation. Degrees are awarded after the completion of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer); however, there is only one ceremony to honor graduates and that is held in May of each year. Important graduation ceremony information is available here

  • Sending transcripts – students may request unofficial or official transcripts be sent to themselves, current or potential employers and/or to other colleges. A student must send a signed and dated written request to the Office of Records and Registration. This request should include the student’s current name (and former name, if applicable), student ID number, current address, current telephone number, complete address of where the transcript should be sent, and a check or money order for $5.00 per request (official transcripts only). Download an official transcript request form here. Download an unofficial transcript request form here. Mailed requests should be addressed to:Attn: Records & Registration – Transcript Dept.
    Columbia-Greene Community College
    4400 Route 23
    Hudson, NY 12534 Or, FAX to 518-822-2015 and provide credit card information (official transcripts only).
  • Enrollment verification – a student may request that verification of enrollment in college be sent to a current employer, health insurance company, or other agency. This request can be made in writing or in person at the Office of Records and Registration.

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