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  1. Is Columbia-Greene Community College a part of the State University of New York?
    Yes, C-GCC is the youngest junior college in the SUNY system. C-GCC is one of thirty community colleges in the system which encompasses a total of sixty-four colleges and universities.
  2. Does Columbia-Greene Community College have its own admissions application? How much does it cost to apply?
    Yes! You can fill out a paper application or apply online. There is NO FEE for the C-GCC Application – just fill it out and submit it!
  3. What is an official transcript? Can I just bring a copy or a send a fax of my transcript?
    Official high school, high school equivalency, college, university and post secondary transcripts are original, signed and sealed documents that come directly from the high school, issuing state education department, college, university, or post secondary school to C-GCC in a sealed envelope. Students may have transcripts mailed or they may deliver them to C-GCC in a sealed envelope.
  4. Is it ok if I didn’t take the ACT or SAT exam?
    C-GCC does not require ACT or SAT scores. However, if you have taken either or both test, we would appreciate receiving the results. If you decide to transfer to another college after C-GCC, most often these tests results are not required, especially if you have received a degree from C-GCC. It is best to contact the schools you may be considering.
  5. I have been out of school for 10 years, can I be successful?
    ABSOLUTELY! Nearly 35% of our students are adult learners. Adult students are motivated and committed. We have study skills workshops to bring you up to speed in no time.
  6. Can I take one course at a time?
    Yes, you can. C-GCC does not require a minimum number of credits for attendance. If, however, you hope to receive financial aid, it is best to check with the Financial Aid Office for the minimum course load for financial aid eligibility.
  7. What happens after I take the placement exam?
    Once you complete your placement exam, test results are typically processed in about five to seven days. It may take longer during peak times of the school year.Consider the following while you wait to hear from us:

    • Have I had official high school or high school equivalency transcripts as well as official transcripts from all colleges I attended sent to the Admissions Office?
    • Have I sent proof of my immunizations (MMR) to the college nurse?
    • If I am a Nursing, Automotive Technology, or Teacher Education applicant, have I attended an Information Session yet? If not, contact the Admissions Office for the next available dates.
    • If I do not have my high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma, have I met with an admissions counselor? While this is optional, you can contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment for an interview.
    • If I am a homeschooled student, have I met with an admissions counselor? If not, contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment for an interview.
    • Have I completed the financial aid application/process? If not, visit www.fafsa.ed.gov
    • The Admissions Office keeps all test results on file for a period of two years. If, at any time within two years of your test, you choose to attend C-GCC, your test results will be honored. After two years, if you apply to C-GCC you will be required to take the test again.
  8. What are my placement test results used for?
    Test results are used to assist you in choosing courses that will assist you in achieving academic success. If you do not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma, the results of your placement test also determine your admissibility.
  9. I am not happy with my test results. What are my options?
    Contact an Admissions Counselor. You may be able to retest.
  10. Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes, we do. Visit the FACTS Tuition Plan page or contact the Bursar’s Office for more information at (518) 697-6300.

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