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Early Admission

Early Admission

We have established an Early Admissions Program in accordance with The New York State Education Department regulations and policies set forth by the State University of New York. The program is designed for academically capable high school students in order for them to complete college level courses. We offer three options for Early Admission study:

  1. Part-time study attending classes offered at the high school.To participate in our College-in-the-High School program the student must complete our Request for Part-time Early Admission form (available from our Admissions Office and the high school guidance office). The form must be signed by the student, a guidance counselor and parent/guardian, indicating recommendation and approval for the student to take college classes at the high school. The student must have an 80% average in the subject area he or she hopes to study. The application and an official high school transcript must be forwarded to the Admissions Office. More information is available on our College-in-the-High School program page
  2. Part-time study at the college campus as a non-degree student.The student must complete the Request for Part-time Early Admission form (available from the Admissions Office). The student, a guidance counselor and parent/guardian must sign the application form, indicating support for the decision to attend college classes before high school graduation. An 80% average must be achieved in the subject area in which the student hopes to study. An official transcript must be forwarded from the high school to the Admissions Office with the Early Admissions Application.
  3. Full-time study at the college campus as a degree student.The student must complete the no fee Columbia-Greene Application for Admission. You may fill out the application online, or, if you prefer, you may print out, complete by hand and mail the completed no fee paper application. An overall academic average of 80% must be achieved. The full-time applicant must meet with the Director of Admissions and have approval, permission and recommendations from members of the high school administration, faculty and his or her parent/guardian.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at (518) 828-4181 ext. 5513

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