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Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement and Professional Development (CEPD) provides varied educational, vocational, personal interest, and cultural opportunities. 

We strive to meet the lifelong-learning and personal-enrichment needs of area residents of all ages, by offering non-credit courses, training programs, workshops, camps, community events, and a highly acclaimed concert and lecture program, CoGreene Presents, which offers a vibrant calendar of cultural events that has featured such artists as Buddy Guy, Levon Helm, and most recently his daughter Amy Helm.

Non-credit class offerings alone feature more than two hundred titles, with courses starting each month throughout the year. At the same time, senior citizens can participate in activities offered through the Adult Learning Institute.

For more information, call 518.697.6370.

Non-credit Classes

Search our non-credit class schedule  or browse course listings in the CoGreene Scene!

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Featured Non-credit Class

*New!* The American Ghost Story


How better to spend the month of October than to be reading and discussing ghost stories? The goal of the class will be not to explain away "figments of the imagination," but rather to develop an appreciation for the many mysteries encountered in everyday life.

Instructor John P. O'Grady is the author of Pilgrims to the Wild (1993), Grave Goods: Essays of a Peculiar Nature (2001), and two forthcoming books, Landmarks Revisited and Waypoints.



Arts Center

An acoustical gem, the Arts Center Theatre showcases concerts, plays and lectures.