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Loan Default Management & Cohort Rates

Loan Default Management & Cohort Rates

On a monthly basis, school staff compare the default and repayment status reports available through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) with the school’s own data. This gives the school a chance to identify and correct errors before the draft or official cohort default rates are released. Repayment information also helps schools ensure the data reported to NSLDS is accurate. Schools that monitor borrowers’ repayment and default status can contact data managers as errors occur instead of waiting until the release of the cohort default rates to correct inaccuracies. Schools that monitor borrowers’ repayment status can identify borrowers who have just entered repayment and make sure that they are aware of all the repayment options available to them. This information can help a borrower avoid default!

Columbia-Greene Community College will publish past and present year default rates along with the national average to the website yearly.
2018 (3 year) FINAL 10.6%
National Average (FY 2018) TBD
2017 (3 year) FINAL 15.7%
National Average (FY 2017) 9.7%
2016 (3 year) FINAL 12.2%
National Average (FY 2016) 10.10%
2015 (3 year) FINAL 13.5%
National Average (FY 2015) 10.8%
2014 (3 year) FINAL 16.7%
National Average (FY 2014) 11.5%

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