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Certificate of Residence

Certificate of Residence

A certificate of residence is required from all students who are residents of the state of New York for each academic year (Fall through Summer). Failure to submit a certificate of residence will result in the Non-Resident tuition rate charged to the non-compliant student.

The following may be helpful in obtaining a certificate of residence

Your certificate of residence must be submitted at the time of registration or billing due date in order to qualify for the New York State resident tuition rate. Certificates should be obtained no sooner than 60 days prior to the start of classes, and no later than 30 days after the start of classes. Counties will not issue a certificate more than 30 days after classes begin. Certificates are issued by the Chief Fiscal Officer in your county of permanent residence (often, the County Treasurer). You should review and fill out the Affidavit Affirmation and Application for Certification of Residence (PDF document requires Adobe Reader version 10 or higher – Get the latest Adobe Reader – link to Adobe.com opens in new window). Residents of Columbia and Greene Counties can show proof of residency at the Bursar’s Office and in some instances may be required to go to their County Treasurers Office.

Columbia and Greene counties require two (2) proofs of residence showing that you have resided in New York State for the past twelve (12) months and in either county for the immediately past six (6) months.

Below are some acceptable items for proof of residency

  • New York State driver’s license issued at least one year before the date of your affidavit.
  • Personal mail postmarked six months prior to the date of your affidavit.
  • Your own income tax forms.
  • Voter registration card that is one (1) year old.

Other proofs are:
Utility bills, telephone bills, bank statements, rent receipts, car registration, cancelled checks, apartment/house lease. Anything that is dated over one (1) year old (for proof of New York State residency) and has your current address on it, or dated 6 months to one year (for proof of county residency).

Please contact the Bursar’s Office at 518.697.6300 for more information.


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