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Man and woman inspect cow at dairy farm

Agribusiness Course Launches at C-GCC

The business of, and the science behind, a successfully run agriculture-based business has been added to the academic offerings at Columbia-Greene Community College.

Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Phyllis Carito has announced the addition of Fundamentals of Agribusiness, a credit-earning course designed to offer an introduction to the industry with a focus on the trends and issues relative to the Hudson Valley.

 Agriculture is a major industry in both Columbia and Greene counties,” said Carito, “and this course is designed to appeal to a wide variety of people: those interested in the possibility of a career in agriculture, but also those interested in the possibility of using their property for agricultural purposes, for instance.”

Steven Gavlik, Ph.D, associate professor of science at C-GCC, added that the course will also split class time between labs that explore the relationship between agricultural production and the science of farming, and lectures focused on the business aspects of agriculture.

“Successful farm operations require an understanding of both business and biological principles,” he said, noting that lectures will examine topics including the global agri-food system, production and inventory management, and marketing management, while labs will focus on specific examples of agribusiness such as orchard management, poultry production, bee-keeping, and dairy operations, to name a few.

“Students will also visit local farms to interview local farmers, discuss their strategies for success, and collect data related to operations of a farm,” Gavlik added.

The new course meets the general education science requirement for the State University of New York system, and is accepting registrations for the spring 2018 semester, slated to begin on Friday, Jan. 19. For more information, call 518.828.4181, ext. 3388.