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C-GCC Awards Second Annual ‘Assessy’ Award for Excellence in Institutional Assessment

In a move toward generating excitement – and perhaps a bit of healthy competition – among faculty and administration in the area of institutional assessment, Columbia-Greene Community Collegecreated the “Assessy” Award last year to recognize outstanding work in Academic and Non-academic assessment at the collegiate level.

This year, Cynthia White of Germantown – Account Clerkat C-GCC and a member of the college’s Institutional Assessment Planning Group (IAPG) – was presented the second-ever Assessy Award at an all-college meeting.

Casey O’Brien, Assistant Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectivenessand chair of the IAPG committee, explained that Institutional Assessment refers to any effort to gather information that can be used to improve student learning, campus programs, student support services, or the institution as a whole.

“Assessment helps answer the question: How can we be better for our students?” he said, adding that inndividuals are nominated for the Assessy Award based on demonstrated strengths in the areas of commitment to best-practices, participation in professional development related to assessment, attention to detail and accreditation requirements, and demonstrated ability to relate that information directly to assessment practices.

“During her time here, Cindy White has become an esteemed member of the College’s planning and assessment team. Cindy challenges each and every one of us to think outside the box, continuously improve our assessment practices, and to be our best selves.”

For more information, please visit the Institutional Effectiveness page.