Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Bibiana! – CGCC

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empandas on a cutting board with chimichurri in the background in a white cup

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Bibiana!

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, one of our students, Bibiana Lucero Fabbi, has graciously provided an original recipe for chimichurri to the CoGreene family!

Bibiana is an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Bridge-to-College student at C-GCC, who creates amazing culinary creations for The Mermaid Cafe in Catskill. Read more about this delicious dressing — and our ESL program — below.

Chimichurri is a sauce often combined with empanadas, especially beef empanadas, but you could combine with beef, chorizo, spinach, or guava and cream cheese empanadas.

A little bit of olive oil.
White Vinegar.
Salt and pepper

For small portion:
9 garlic cloves
2 or 3 bundles of parsley

You can use the processor machine or chop it,  if you chop it you will start with the parsley and add the garlic on top of it and continue to chop it. If you want to use the processor machine it is a little bit of process,  have to be like chopping.

Add at the mix of parsley and garlic  salt and pepper , your choice,  a little bit of olive oil.
And the last step we put the white Vinegar around 4 or more, depending on the portion of the mix of parsley and garlic. You can use Chimichurri on meats,  beef steaks, churrascos, and for barbecue.

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