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Day Care Curriculum

Day Care Curriculum

The curriculum of an early childhood facility is the on-going process affecting all areas of the child’s day and not isolated subjects introduced throughout the day as in a public school. Social, emotional, physical and intellectual areas of development are affected as each child grows from the experience afforded him/her at the center. A child learns new information and has familiar information reinforced through each activity. Through the process of participating in a comprehensive curriculum each child becomes aware of him/herself as well as becoming aware of those around him/her and the dynamics of the interaction that develops. Ultimately our goal is that the child will develop self-respect as well as respect for others.

Children learn through play. As they interact with their environment and the people in it they make new discoveries. New concepts are interpreted with new words and sentences. With the use of carefully selected equipment and materials, much learning happens incidentally and informally. Other times, but with a respect for the nature of the young child, teachers will elect to teach in a more direct manner.

To enable each child to develop and meet the goals we have set, the curriculum provides for various areas of exploration and discovery. Teachers are expected to model behavior that encourages children to develop observing, listening and problem solving skills. Opportunities to make choices, assume responsibility and express oneself through a variety of mediums are presented often throughout the day.

The development of competence and independence are fostered by encouraging children to realize their capabilities and recognize their accomplishments. Children are positively reinforced as they help themselves, but they are also encouraged to ask for assistance when they need it.

Our curriculum is divided into three categories for convenience:

  1. Social Studies All Around Us
  2. Science For Us
  3. Readiness Skills

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