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Health Services

Health Services

Maria Ostrander, RN, Director of Health Services

Mission Statement

Recognizing the importance of health in the learning, retention and well-being of students, faculty and staff, the Office of Health Services supports the academic and personal success of the Columbia-Greene Community College community through the provision of routine and emergency nursing care and health education.

In addition to providing first aid, the Office of Health Services stocks a limited number of over-the-counter oral medications as well as medical supplies for the convenience of the students. In the event of an emergency in the Director’s absence, the Security Department will call the local rescue squad.

Immunization Records

All students born after 1956 are required to submit proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. These records are maintained by the Office of Health Services. Please make sure your records are complete as failure to submit proof of immunity will lead to administrative action, which may include de-registration from classes without tuition reimbursement. Immunization transcripts are available upon written request when transferring to other colleges.

Health Related Issues

An assortment of informative materials on a wide variety of health-related topics is located outside the college nurse’s office. All students are welcome to avail themselves of this material and/or to discuss any health-related concerns with the nurse. Assistance with disease prevention education, referrals to medical care providers and strategies to manage illnesses while on campus is available. Confidentiality will be maintained. However please keep in mind that the Office of Health Services is not authorized to excuse any student from academic requirements due to health-related conditions.

Health Awareness Programs

From time to time special health awareness programs and screenings will be available on campus for students. Watch for them! Also look for the “Restroom Rap”, a strategically located info sheet that changes almost weekly on health related issues and topics of general well being.

Health Resources for Students

The Office of the Health Services is located in the Main Building, Room 316, telephone 518.697.6303.