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Reduced Course Load & Full-Time Status

Reduced Course Load & Full-Time Status

Requests for reduced course loads (less than 12 credits for consideration as full time status) must be submitted to the Director of the OAS along with supporting documentation. Documentation must include a diagnostic evaluation from an appropriate professional and be sufficiently recent to allow evaluation of the current functional impact of the disability.

The documentation and the request will be evaluated in terms of the functional impact of the disability and the demands of the student’s current or proposed schedule. A reduced course load will be granted only when supportable as a reasonable accommodation under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If the request is approved, the student is responsible for understanding the potential consequences of the reduced course load on progress towards graduation, financial aid, billing, health insurance, athletic eligibility, etc.

The approved reduced course credit load will be considered as the student’s minimum credit load for full time status for the semester in question. Dropping below that load will place full time status in jeopardy. Status will be reevaluated each semester and continuation may require additional, updated documentation.

At the agreed upon credit load, the student will be considered as full time and entitled to all of the services, benefits, rights, and privileges of full time status.

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